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Why does Seo matter?

If indeed you live on the internet and make a living from the internet, then you must understand how to become number 1 on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Why? Because if your website is in number one, then you will automatically get the value of sales (if the site is buying and selling) and the number of clicks that are many if you expect ads from Google. Apart from that, there are many people who will visit your site asking about advertising, whether it’s a banner or a link. SEO is very important so that you get visitors and websites to become famous. It depends on the motivation in building a website too, for example, if you are deliberately creating a website/blog to make money, then do SEO properly. If it’s just for fun or confiding about life, then make it mediocre without learning SEO. Here are the SEO benefits for the website:

It can build a brand

SEO can build a brand on your site /web/blog, all of you. This brand can certainly be sold in the proper amount. To create a brand, you must rely on SEO or at least if you give up on SEO then you can do it with advertising services.

Buying and selling websites

If SEO can add to your website visitors, of course, you can easily sell it. Website sales must also be based on the number of visitors, to increase the number of visitors, then you must be good at doing SEO on your website. Well, usually the website price is 10 times the amount of revenue for a month.

Boosting the Visitor

If you are an SEO expert, then you are lucky. A website without a visitor is like life but death. Well, if you do the right technique to do SEO on your website, then you will be flooded with visitors. If it is flooded with visitors, surely you know what the effect is? which certainly makes our lives, not economic difficulties.

Acquired by a large site

When you have good SEO on Website, you may be going to be recognized by a large site like Google. When they have seen potential website and start up with good SEO, they will acquire but not all good websites with good SEO are okay to sell their sites. If you want to boost the performance, by being recognized by giant player like Google, you can get fresh money to boost your company.